COVID-19 Risk Management Procedure

The rapid evolution of the health emergency linked to the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic requires that some useful indications are provided for the performance of chiropractic activities in accordance with the indications of the Ministry of Health and with the provisions of the Government also to protect the health of patients who rely on the Chiropractic profession.

The provision of care is conditional on the adoption of preventive and organizational measures in line with the provisions in force and with the indications of the WHO by virtue of the provisions of the ministerial provisions. The goal of these indications is not zero risk (obtainable only with the application of strict isolation), but of risk management in terms of reducing the spread of the infection.

According to the indications and the various FAQs released by the Ministry of Health (

The new Coronavirus is a respiratory virus that is spread mainly through close contact with a sick person. The primary route is the droplets of the breath of infected people for example through:

• saliva, coughing and sneezing

• personal direct contacts

• hands, for example by touching contaminated (not yet washed) hands with your mouth, nose or eyes

In rare cases, the infection can occur through fecal contamination.

Respiratory diseases are not normally transmitted with food, which in any case must be handled respecting good hygiene practices and avoiding contact between raw and cooked foods.

Studies are underway to better understand how the virus is transmitted.

Source: The Ministry of Health dedicated website:

Chiropractic C1 studies therefore decided to take the following safety measures:

• have taken on anti-contagion security protocols

• have integrated cleaning operations in the workplace according to the new needs

Download the Self-Certification Forms

We take your health and that of others very seriously. Therefore, please download the 3 self-certification forms below that you will need to bring with you to each visit to our Centers. Thank you, see you soon
Rules to Follow
Please complete and bring the sheet with you on the day of your appointment
Confirm Appointment
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Some Procedures Adopted are summarized

Here is a summary of the procedures we have adopted in our C1 Chiropractic Centers to assure you and ensure greater protection against COVID19

Telephone Triage
Obligation to wear masks (both patients and operators)
Your temperature will be measured upon your arrival
Obligation to fill in a self-certification after treatment
Lengthening of treatment times to limit people present at the same time in the studies
Entrance to accompanying persons is not allowed (except in special cases)
Bench washing after each patient with specific products
Hand washing after each patient with specific products
Room ventilation after after each patient
Use of safety glasses by the healthcare professional
Use of disposable gloves
and soon