Chiropractic Center C1 Morgex

Our C1 Chiropractic center is located at the La Rotonda Directional Center in Quart, on the first floor which is easily accessible both by a large staircase and by 2 large lifts. Our studio is located in a co-working space so you will find a modern and welcoming waiting room in common and then access our private study consisting of a reception and two studies.

Our team is composed of 2 chiropractors (Eddy Pellissier and Coralie Pellissier) and 1 naturopath (Valentina Riente).

In this center we offer Chiropractic services (for everyone including athletes, pregnant women, children and infants), Animal Chiropractic services, Naturopathy sessions, various types of Massage, Iridology and Plantar Reflexology.

We are at the complete disposal of both the numerous inhabitants of our beautiful Aosta Valley and the numerous tourists who flock to our valley every year.

We only visit by appointment.

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Where to find us

Ruelle Laurent Revel 4
11017 Morgex

Tel: (+39) 329 7606157
(+39) 329 7606156