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The personal trainer is a professional with specific in-depth knowledge in the field of training, human physiognomy and recovery from injuries.

But the personal trainer cannot and must not be simply a fitness expert, this is because human skills, empathy, sympathy and communication skills are also fundamental. This is due to the fact that, when a person goes to the gym, he does not always feel comfortable with others, because for example he could be shy or ashamed, so the personal trainer must know how to put him at ease, even before intervene from a purely practical side, therefore always be smiling and friendly, never too invasive, with an eye that is always alert but discreet. Given that the reception service is a determining factor for a coach, it must then be said that the usefulness of a good personal trainer is obviously another.

In practice, the personal trainer begins to outline a profile of the patient, necessary to plan a training aimed at achieving the objectives and obviously personalized. All this, however, also includes an initial test phase, physical tests to be subjected to, to understand his current training level, to measure his state of form, and to evaluate problems that may not have been communicated during the preliminary interview.

Finally, it must also be said that the personal trainer today never stops studying and updating. This means that a professional trainer is always informed about news in the field of fitness, and that thanks to the experience on the field he is able to master those qualities that unfortunately no one is able to teach, especially communicative and psychological qualities, because the mental approach of the client to sport is fundamental for the personal trainer’s work, and for the success of both goals.

In order to have excellent results you need to have a goal and follow a method that I called SETCOMEFF

It develops in 3 macro groups that contain the rules and the process to make a path feasible.

The first 3 are the general ones and group the basis for starting a job; the next 2 are more personal and also aim to create a “winning” mentality and attitude in order to carry out your project; the last 2 aim to make learning skills safer and manage with the time available.


Generic training, in addition to being ineffective, can be counterproductive and even harmful. The damage is represented by the worsening of the physical condition or by the injury, which can be minor, as in the cases of muscle strains or tendon inflammations, or of serious entity, as in the cases of rupture of the ligaments or herniated disc, only for give some examples. To avoid the risk of accidents it is necessary that the training volume is proportionate to the person’s state of form and that the exercises used respect his biomechanical and postural characteristics. To properly evaluate these aspects, it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, training methodology and all the subjects related to the motor sciences of the Personal trainer.


Training is a science: it has very specific rules that must be taken into consideration and adapted to the person if you want to get benefits in the best possible time. The Personal Trainer knows these rules thoroughly and knows how to adapt them to the customer. Relying on generic training programs taken from the web or some fitness application in most cases does not lead to the desired results, while choosing the technical supervision of a qualified trainer certifies the achievement of the results.


By sport technique we mean a motor process that allows to solve, in the most rational and economic way possible, a specific movement problem (codified). The training methodology has very precise rules and principles which, if respected, lead to an improvement in physical fitness easily. The Personal Trainer, through training sessions, teaches how to train properly.


The lack of constancy in training is one of the main problems faced by people who join the gym who want to improve their fitness. The initial motivation risks diminishing as a result of the first difficulties: this happens above all to those who are not used to playing sports and do not yet have the mental structure that leads to consider training as a habit, something to do regardless of events or daily physical condition. In addition to being technically competent, the Trainer must be able to convey this mentality: only when his pupil has acquired the habit of doing physical activity will he be satisfied with the work done.


Laziness, the belief that you don’t know how to train, the idea of ​​immersing yourself in an unknown context, are just some of the factors that can discourage those who would like to start doing physical activity to get better but cannot find the right motivation. For this type of person, a private teacher who knows how to create a pleasant training experience is essential, at least at the beginning. On a mental level, in fact, feeling better and seeing results after the first workouts creates positive feedback that positively influences the level of motivation.


Intended as the quality of making a movement with the greatest energy savings. … For technical performance we can define it as the union of all those movements that allow us to perform a fast and effective motor gesture. So customizing the program indisputably involves shortening the times that separate us from our goal.


The personal trainer has an hourly flexibility that allows us to adapt the training to all the commitments of daily life. With the Personal Trainer you can free yourself from the scheduled times in the gyms and then manage your workouts independently: you can train in the morning, during the lunch break or even in the evening. Personal Trainers can work in various environments: at home, in the gym, outdoors, etc.

The personal trainer must be a good communicator and a good motivator. It is useless to be a super technician if then you cannot convey positive feelings and desire to train. In the one to one relationship this factor is fundamental.

The Personal Training service is available in Italian, English, French and Spanish, also remotely via webcam and other means of communication

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