Wellness Program

Our Wellness program is our goal for all our patients. A program designed to really help you improve your health, get your life back in hand and increase your Wellness.

This program reflects our philosophy and our goals for your health. The program is developed in 5 phases. To be successful, we will do our part by guiding you step by step through the various stages but the great protagonist must be you!

Wanting is power and if you really want to change then together we will achieve great results and satisfactions!

The 5 phases of the Wellness program are:

  1. Pain relief (90% of patients initially present in our centers with pain of various kinds)
  2. Correction (postural analysis and more in-depth neuro-musculoskeletal evaluation)
  3. Support (personalized exercises and stretching)
  4. Maintenance (periodic checkups and re-evaluation of the health situation)
  5. Wellness (360-degree health analysis and collaboration with other health professionals)

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Learn more about our 5 phases of the Wellness program

Most patients come to our centers for the first time due to severe acute or chronic pain of various kinds. These pains range from headaches, back pain, sciatica pains, tingling arms, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow and more. Some also present with scoliosis, back pain in pregnancy or whiplash.

Pain is nothing more than a signal that our body sends us to say that something is wrong. In fact, our body has an innate inner capacity for self-healing and compensation which unfortunately, like everything, has a limit; when the load of stress to which we subject him is too much, he gives in and signals, through the pain, that he has reached the maximum of endurance and that if we do not do something immediately things will get bad.

Here is a simple analogy to make you understand better:

Buy a new, beautiful, latest generation and fully functional car (this is your body). After many kilometers and years of pleasant satisfaction, the oil warning light comes on (this is pain). Now you have two options: the first is to put a nice band-aid over the indicator light so as not to see it anymore and so hope that the problem goes away by itself (this is equivalent to taking a painkiller) or the second is to go to the mechanic, check the oil level and act accordingly (this is equivalent to going to the chiropractor or another specialist). Those who have opted for the first option will most likely soon find themselves throwing away the car (much more serious health problems) while those who have chosen the second option will be able to enjoy their car for a long time (knowledge of their body and prevention their health and well-being).

Having said that, I think you have all understood by now that pain is nothing more than the tip of the iceberg that problems lie much deeper and the causes can be multiple.

Being healthy is an optimal state for good body functionality. A healthy approach is to look at the body as a whole and not as a division of parts. If a patient comes to the clinic with a headache problem, this does not mean that the chiropractor will focus on the head, on the contrary, many times the problem is far from where the patient feels the symptom. In fact, maybe that headache derives from the fact that the patient’s pelvis is not in balance and for which, by implementing compensations, the body goes to bring a lot of stress on the back muscles of the head and here is a trigger point at the occipital level that forms. refers pain in the head. If the chiropractor in this case were to base his treatment only and only where the patient says he is in pain, the pain would continue to return, never giving him respite. On the other hand, if with various chiropractic and orthopedic tests exactly the cause of this problem is found (for example the pelvis), the chiropractor will focus on the pelvis, as by fixing that, the head problem will improve accordingly. Here, with this system, the whole body is optimized, as it is now able to heal itself better by preventing future back pain and persistent headaches.

Good maintenance of the body encourages natural healing and minimizes invasive treatments, which should only be given if absolutely necessary. When the body is able to work properly, it tends to heal well despite the conditions that arise. And above all, when the body heals and cares well, another level of well-being manifests itself that goes beyond being asymptomatic or pain-free but gives us an open door to good vitality, vibrant health and gives us a chance to experience the our life to the fullest as our mental and physical health will be optimal.

Balance and coordination exist when the body is used the way it should work. Exercises such as walking, running, swimming, tennis, juggling, yoga, pilates, cycling, martial arts, and the gym help increase your coordination. Activities, such as sitting at a desk, reading and watching television do the opposite action. Without knowing it, many people have enormous muscle stress levels. This stress, in turn, will contribute to muscle tension, restriction of movement, and if it continues to be increased without taking precautions, it could begin to cause aches and pains. This muscle stress often starts from a wrong posture that is maintained for hours at the desk while working. Think about it: just changing the way you sit could make life many times less heavy and stressful.

They come to our offices either out of desperation (they have already tried everything and nothing has definitely worked) or by hearsay from friends or relatives who are already our patients.

This is where most of our chiropractic sessions begin and for many, a WELLNESS journey towards better and optimal health begins.

Chiropractic focuses on treating the causes that cause the physical problems instead of treating the symptoms. Chiropractic is based on a very simple assumption: structural problems of the body, particularly problems involving the spinal column, can generate dysfunctions in the functionality of the body, especially in the nervous system.

The spinal cord, which represents the major communication route of our nervous system, is located in the medullary canal within the vertebrae. The medulla transmits the commands given by the brain to the rest of the body and all movements, functions and sensations are controlled by the nervous system. A problem in the spine can interfere with the nerves exiting the spine; this misalignment or blockage is called a subluxation.

According to chiropractic philosophy, subluxations can be created by 3 main factors: psychological dysfunctions, structural dysfunctions and chemical dysfunctions.

Psychological dysfunctions are caused by all the problems at the level of the psyche that the human being can be afflicted with.

Here is a practical example to better understand:

A person suffering from chronic depression will surely not walk around with an upright posture or sit in a chair properly. In fact, it will tend to have a postural attitude that is curved and folded back on itself. This will eventually create a squeeze of the diaphragm with respiratory consequences, back pain, shoulder pain and possible headaches (and these are just a few examples). However, the origin of the problem is not all these symptoms but depression. If we do not intervene on it, the physical problems will never disappear, they can improve but they will always tend to reappear over time.

The same applies to problems caused at a chemical level (food intolerances, abuse of harmful substances, allergies, etc.) and for problems caused at a structural level (accidents and incorrect posture).

Nowadays, with many jobs becoming more sedentary and with the lack of regular physical activity, the problems caused by poor posture are the majority.

Posture is a fundamental thing. The human body is starved for alignment. When we are perfectly aligned, our bones, not our muscles, support our body weight reducing energy and effort. The great gain of good posture is to have a much higher state of well-being, having more energy, and of course we will also be more beautiful to look at as we move with much more grace and ease.

If we were to rank the most important things that health professionals place the most attention and relevance on, posture would certainly come first. Incorrect posture leads to muscle compensation, inadequate contractures, scoliosis, imbalances at neurological levels and obviously problems in breathing, digestion and reproduction as the spine being the one that manages all these systems no longer works at 100% of its capacity. Chronic wrong posture distorts the alignment of our bones causing muscle tension within our body which in turn has an effect on the vital capacity of breathing, increased fatigue, reduction of oxygen and blood to the head and a decrease of mobility at the joint level. It is scientifically proven that the more mechanical distortions we have, the less energy is available to our bodies to think, metabolize and heal.

In fact, good posture is of equal importance with eating healthily, exercising, sleeping well and avoiding potential substances that are harmful to your body, such as the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Good posture is a way to do things with less energy, less stress and most of all less fatigue. Without good posture it is practically difficult to be fit and you are always in a potential state of risk whenever you go to exercise.

Let me explain: ideally our bones are connected because they practically lean on each other. The head rests on the spine, the column on the pelvis, the pelvis above the knees and the knees on the ankles. However, if we spend hours sitting in front of the computer, with legs crossed, the back bent forward or sitting only on the tip of the butt, now it is the neck and back muscles that support all the weight of our back and no longer our spine, Consequently, it is not surprising if the pain then begins, since we are now in a position where our joints are no longer relaxed and send us signals that have a physical, psychic and structural effect on our body. In addition, there is a lot of research proving that a bad posture can create headaches, depression and various pains in the body.

The biggest problem with poor posture is the chronic stress that is placed on the muscles, as the weight of the head and upper body is supported by the muscles rather than the bones. The further our body is from our balance center, the more this effect on the muscles will be accentuated!

To illustrate this theory we can think of the weight of a briefcase. If you hold the briefcase with your arms stretched horizontally in front of your body, it won’t be long before all of your muscles start to feel exhausted and sore. This is precisely why carrying a briefcase so far from your center of balance causes some physical strain on your muscles. But if you now hold the same case with one hand at your side, you will notice that it takes much longer than before to feel fatigue because the weight of the case is now supported by the bones instead of the muscles.

There are 2 possibilities to correct an evil posture.

The first is to eliminate all negative stresses that affect the body. When we talk about negative stress we are talking about all the factors, habits, and stresses that cause our body to deviate from our structural center. Negative stress can be the result of sitting incorrectly, carrying too much weight on our shoulders or overloading our bags.

And the second possibility is to bring positive stress on our body, doing exercises, stretching, chiropractic adjustments and changes on our physique. Bringing your body as close to the center of balance is essential to improve your feeling good!

To optimize posture and ensure that our body functions to its maximum potential, it is also necessary to perform a series of exercises and stretches daily. This serves to strengthen the weaker muscles and to elasticise the stronger and tense ones. By committing ourselves to performing simple exercises we will greatly improve our physical well-being and if done constantly we will soon notice all the benefit we can derive from it. To do this, you don’t need to subscribe to the gym, become a swimming champion or spend a fortune on sports equipment … you just need the right exercises!

In this section you will find short stretching tutorials and other exercises to do.

For patients who already attend one of our C1 Chiropractic centers, these tutorials are free and part of our WELLNESS program, so take advantage of them!

For all the others, a small contribution will allow you to have unlimited access to the various tutorials area.

The body has what we call internal memory. This means that if he has been used to maintaining a certain posture or physical attitude for a certain period of time, over time he will tend to want to recreate what he has always been used to. Precisely for this reason, after the correction phase it is important to follow a maintenance phase in order to accustom our body to a new position and physical condition. This after the first year automatically turns into the preventive phase. Taking care of your spine is very important as unfortunately there are no vertebral column transplants yet… this means that the one you were born with you have to keep forever!

Now, imagine not going to the dentist for twenty or thirty years: in what condition would your teeth and gums be? Well, how many years has it been since the last time you had your spine checked?

Unfortunately, most people have never done this. Their spine suffers from lifelong neglect. The sad truth is that when a person goes to the chiropractor, the muscles, ligaments, nerves, and vertebrae themselves have suffered for many years, for decades. At this point it may take a long time to be able to relieve symptoms, maintain them over time and improve the situation.

Our hope is that the chiropractic patient can advise his children and grandchildren to undergo chiropractic treatments in time, so that at 30 or 40 they do not limp in to be examined by the future generation of chiropractors to hear the same sad repeats. words.

If we have ailments it is important that they are eliminated as soon as possible, so that they do not turn into something more serious. You shouldn’t wait until you get sick to go to the chiropractor, because problems develop slowly and silently and it may take a long time for them to manifest themselves with noticeable symptoms.

The best thing is prevention which should start when we are born (and possibly even earlier in pregnancy) and continue throughout life.

Obviously, chiropractic treatments are not enough to obtain the maximum potential from our body, but many other things. In fact, the term wellness is an extension and evolution of the concept of fitness: it refers to a philosophy of life that puts the well-being of the person at the center of attention by offering sports activities, regeneration practices as well as mental training combined with a diet correct that favor a state of well-being and psychophysical balance. At this point the patient who really wants to change his lifestyle can rely with our help on many other professionals such as dieticians, life coaching, psychologists, personal trainers and many others. Here in our C1 Chiropractic centers the well-being and wellness of our patients is our priority and we will always be ready to advise you on the best specialists. In fact, we collaborate with many of the figures listed above and we will be ready to follow you even in this new phase of your life. Here are some definitions that can help you understand the various areas of specialization of each: The Dietitian is a doctor, with a degree in Medicine and Surgery, and a 4-year specialization in Food Sciences. He is also called a nutritionist. Clinical evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and development of diets, as well as the prescription of supplements and medications as needed, fall within the competence of the dietician. Life coaching is training for life. Relying on a life coach means learning to manage your life, your time and your loved ones in the way you want. As the definition of life coaching suggests, it is not a therapy and cannot replace it. The psychologist is a health professional who carries out prevention, diagnosis, intervention, health promotion, habilitation-rehabilitation, support and counseling in the psychological field, aimed at the individual, the couple, the group and other social organisms or communities. The psychologist studies, diagnoses and treats the normal and pathological mental states of cognitive, emotional, social and behavioral processes by observing, interpreting and recording how individuals relate to each other and in their contexts. The personal trainer (also called personal trainer and conventionally indicated by the initials PT) is the professional figure responsible for managing in an individualized way the physical exercise of those who approach or practice physical activity to improve their health or fitness.

The Wellness Program service is available in all our clinics in Italian, French, English and Spanish (only Morgex and Aosta)

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