Sport Chiropractic

Chiropractic, in recent years, is increasingly used by world-renowned athletes. Its simplicity of execution, its natural approach and its enormous benefit have convinced those who really push their body to maximum performance. Athletes such as Roger Federer, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Usain Bolt, not to mention almost all Serie A football teams and many others have relied on chiropractic treatments for years.
The figure of the chiropractor is also now recognized and appreciated in the best medical staff who follow the Olympics and many other world championships.

Sports chiropractic bases its fundamental principles on prevention. A body free of subluxations and interferences, a body free from dysfunctions, a relaxed muscle without triggers and an optimal joint mobility make a trained body a perfect fighting machine ready to face anything.
Everything listed above may seem silly to you, but for an athlete this can mean the difference between an Olympic gold medal and absolute nothingness.

Athletes know their body, listen to it, support it and try to provide it with the best both in the chemical (see nutrition, refusal to drugs, etc), physical (training, stretching, etc.) and psychological (sports, motivational psychologists, life coaching, etc.). Precisely for this reason they increasingly rely on chiropractic care.

An athlete who often hurts himself will not go far in his career. For this reason, athletes attach great importance to prevention…

The Sport Chiropractic service is available in all our clinics in Italian, French, English and Spanish (Morgex and Aosta only)

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Sports Chiropractic

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