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The importance of chiropractic treatment in pregnancy

The posture of a pregnant woman changes a lot during the 9 months of sweet expectation and, obviously, the more the state of pregnancy progresses, the more the changes become visible and important.

As the uterus grows (of the belly, so to speak!) The pelvis naturally tends to lean forward bringing the sacrum and coccyx backwards. This involves an arching of the lumbar area (hyperlordosis) and an increase in the thoracic arch (hyperkyphosis) so as to maintain a correct balance of the parts. Research shows that the angle of lumbar lordosis can even vary from 32 degrees, when the fetal size is equal to 0%, up to 50 degrees when the fetus mass is 100%.

In addition, the shoulders and head move forward and the weight of the thoracic body collapses downwards due to the weight of the breasts that are now larger in addition to the weight of the belly itself.

All these changes greatly increase the natural “S” curvature of our spine, subjecting the vertebrae to greater mechanical stress. Obviously all muscles and ligaments, also anchored to the spine, are affected and can more easily be damaged.

As for the lower body, the more the weight moves forward, the more the knees tend to go backwards and the total weight of the person moves on the tips of the feet.

In a nutshell, the whole postural structure shifts a few degrees forward, thus also increasing the potential risk of falls by 27 percent. Research shows that 64% of the falls occur in the second trimester, when the woman has not yet perfectly adapted to all these gravitational changes. In fact, the only process of standing upright is not a static process but a continuous undulation, which we perceive imperceptibly, back and forth, called proprioception. And if in normal times, in a healthy individual, we should have the body weight that falls perfectly on the malleoli in order to be perfectly centered, in pregnancy this does not happen because our weight is automatically moved forward and therefore we require a greater effort of proprioception to balance it all.

In order for this to happen, we must have good ankles, good sensitivity in the feet and a cervical that works 100%, otherwise the process will not take place correctly. Many women who gain significantly weight as an additional compensation mechanism will take a larger step to feel more stable.

All these postural changes can safely result in back pain, sciatica pain, blockages and respiratory impediments in the chest area, headache, excessive tension in the shoulders, cramps in the calves, pain in the hips, plantar fasciitis and so on.

Just to avoid these problems and keep all postural changes in your body under control, periodic checks by your trusted chiropractor should be on the agenda.

A good chiropractor, especially if specialized in pediatrics, will be able to follow you throughout your pregnancy, making sure that everything goes smoothly and will also be able to monitor your newborn baby. Remember, in fact, that many traumas to the spine occur during childbirth. It is also essential to be checked after the birth because, although it is completely natural, giving birth is far from easy and with the arrival of the new born the mother will develop other problems related this time to breastfeeding, keep holding the little boy in his arms and much more. As for the physiological changes of the body, the most common ones concern the blood, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and metabolic systems.

The overall weight gain of a pregnant woman is more or less contained between 9 and 12 kg. The breast generally increases by 2 sizes and the blood increases in volume by about 45%. The calorie requirement increases by about 300 kcal / day and the protein requirement increases by approximately 75g / day. The urge to urinate greatly increases in frequency, water retention is frequent and being constipated is a fairly common factor. Many women digest much worse and obviously nausea and vomiting are common especially in the first few months.

So if you are in “sweet expectation” do not hesitate to immediately book a visit to one of our centers.

The importance of massage during pregnancy

Massage during pregnancy is of fundamental importance for the well-being of both mother and baby. Massage can improve some problems (such as low back pain, sciatica, muscle cramps and circulatory problems in the limbs) and be an excellent prevention tool. Thanks to a specific massage for pregnancy performed professionally, the mother discovers a regenerated general well-being, both physically and psychically. In fact, the importance of counteracting stress during pregnancy in a natural way is now unanimously recognized; stress induces muscle stiffness which in turn is able to stiffen the uterine walls making pregnancies often problematic (for example this can cause premature births).

Always the weight of the belly causes an increase in lumbar hyperlordosis, potentially promoting pain in the back and in this area, the skin, subjected to considerable traction, risks causing stretch marks if not well elasticized.

A good massage, however, is not only used to reduce muscle stress; a draining massage helps a lot to counteract the venous return by reducing swelling and heaviness in the lower and upper limbs thus helping to prevent conditions such as varicose veins, water retention etc.

The importance of massage at the level of the psyche should also not be underestimated. Since their pregnant woman, many men have stopped touching and physically cuddling her (often for fear of hurting the baby or the mother herself). Conversely, many pregnant women feel fat, awkward, ugly and reject the attentions of their husband. This causes negative thoughts and repressed frustration in the woman’s psyche. Being massaged helps to restore personal self-esteem and awakens sensory physical sensations.

Hormone massage acts mainly on:

Decreased norepinephrine (stress hormone) levels
Increased hormone levels such as serotonin and dopamine (which produce general well-being and good mood)
Decreased cortisol levels (due to decreased stress)

In pregnancy, the recommended frequency is one massage per week. In the last quarter, the frequency can be intensified, even reaching a massage every 3 – 4 days.

The Wellness path, however, does not stop at childbirth! In fact, the massage will be of great help also for post pregnancy, adding in addition to all the physical benefits also a psychological support to avoid “postpartum depression”.

The new mother will not have to feel guilty if she takes some time to relax, indeed, continuing her massage program, she can see it as a kind of duty towards the well-being of the newborn. Always remember that a relaxed mother, in addition to better living her motherhood, will give serenity to the baby.

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