Jennissa Pellissier, Chiropractor, M.Chiro, I.V.C.A.

Jennissa Pellissier chiropractic since 2012 graduated from Anglo European Chiropractic College in Bournemouth (England).

Dr. Pellissier has numerous political positions as Vice President of Volunteers Into the World Corporation since 2013 and President of Into the World Onlus since 2014. Specialized in Chiropractic for animals (International Veterinary Chiropractic Association) since 2012 and specialized in Chiropractic for children since 2013 she succeeds to satisfy many patients. Dr. Pellissier devotes herself a lot to voluntary actions and has served for many years in Nepal.

He currently works in the centers of Tortona and Genoa.
Speaks fluently Italian, French and English.

I am without doubt the most reckless of the family. I can’t sit still and fear isn’t part of my DNA. Since I was young I have always practiced sports at a high level and in my life I have had so many accidents that if it hadn’t been for chiropractic I think that at this hour I would have died.
As soon as I could, I followed in the footsteps of my sister and father and at the chiropractic university in England I found out what chiropractic really means and how important it is to me.

My sister Coralie and I have an incredible relationship of friendship and complicity that has consolidated in those years spent in England and that has since been inseparable.

Together we created Into the World and Into the World Onlus to help the most needy and the experiences we have gained together will always be part of a baggage that nothing and nobody can ever take away from us and that have certainly made us more mature, compassionate professionals and qualified.

I have been practicing chiropractic for almost 10 years now helping anyone who needs it ranging from human beings to vertebrate animals hoping that my passion for this profession will never fade!

Dr. Jennissa Pellissier


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