Chantal Caccamo, personal trainer

Dr. Chantal graduated in sports sciences in 2007 at the S.U.I.S.M of Turin (Interfaculty School in Motor Sciences) and always continued her studies there specializing in 2009 in Sports Training Sciences and Techniques.

From an early age she practiced alpine skiing in the Courmayeur ski club until she got good results. She became a ski instructor in 2006 and then decided to take the coaching path until she finished the course obtaining the 3rd level qualification in 2011. Always with the F.I.S.I. (Italian Winter Sports Federation) carried out a MASTER in “Athletic performance expert for alpine skiing” concluded in 2014. Thanks to his working passion he made various experiences as a coach and athletic trainer both in Italy (North and South) and abroad (Chile).

The doctor wanted to deepen her passion for sport by becoming a volleyball referee, Nordic walking teacher, swimming judge and MTB escort. Well … never ceases to want to learn!

I am a very normal girl with a strong attraction for everything related to experimentation.
Trying, discovering, evaluating, reflecting are part of my daily life. Whether I play sports or work or talk to a person, I am always curious to understand what is beyond appearance, going to the essence of things. Anyone who knows me knows that rigor, precision, punctuality and correctness are my qualities … but alas, I am also stubborn and fussy. Everything I do fascinates and fascinates me and that is why I live life 360 ​​° every day.

Chantal Caccamo

Personal trainer

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